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If you want to equip your house or apartment with a beautiful eco-friendly fireplace, you should regularly visit Cheminée éthanol EXPO, which is an online platform focused on this particular topic. The creators of the website follow attentively new trends and the changing fashion on the market and then take care of presenting it in blog posts in detail. The field is constantly changing and developing, which is why designers continue to bring new and interesting projects to life at a very high rate.

Free-standing bio ethanol fireplace

One of the variants of the products available for you to choose from is a free-standing bio ethanol fireplace. It can be placed in the middle of the room to metaphorically and literally become the focal point of the home - like and ancient and medieval hearth. Another way to install it, is to put it close to the entrance, so it can be a feature inviting the guests to come closer. At Cheminée éthanol EXPO you will be able to see bio ethanol fireplaces standing irrespectively, but also those, which can be mounted onto the walls of the apartment.

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