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Company's description

Stegu is a trusted European manufacturer of stone veneer, used for wall decoration in private houses and commercial buildings alike. The company uses only quality materials, responsible for their products longevity and sturdiness. The wide collection includes a variety of designs - decorative, architectural and brick tiles, as well as wooden solutions. Depending on how much the material is needed for the interior stone facing, the customer can order a chosen quantity, which is going to be delivered by professionals to a designated address.

Interior stone facing

Interior stone facing is a an interesting decorative solution for people who want to give their apartments, houses or office buildings some character. The products offered by the company can be used in rooms in various styles - modern, vintage and even shabby chic. Depending on the interior's look, the stone facing can either be smooth or turbulent to the touch. Besides many types of textures their products are characterised by, they also appear in a number of colours - more natural or very expressive, making it easy to find the best solution for a chosen space.

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