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With the help of websites like Lovter, where a user can find information on bio fire, its uses and advantages, learning more about this solution is much easier. Pictures added to every article will help greatly especially when it comes to home décor ideas – they will help visualise the final product and incorporate this specific kind of fireplace into a chosen space. Bio fire is chosen especially in modern flats and apartments, because it can be introduced almost everywhere without worrying about ventilation systems or soot marks.

The fireplaces

The fireplaces using bio fire become more and more popular in modern houses. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing and contemporary, but also are much easier to keep clean and functioning properly. Moreover, their installation takes up to thirty minutes and does not require any type of vents or chimneys. In comparison with the traditional fireplace, that needs to be previously planned to include a ventilation system, this option seems less troublesome and gives much more room for creating a highly personalised space.

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