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A manufacturer of quality bottle filling machines, JK-Machinenbau is a company that has been delivering such solutions for many years. They are appreciated for the quality of materials used during their production, their dependability and the fact how little breakdowns there are when using them. Additionally, when a customer commissions an individually designed device, the company can for example prepare Atex filling machines or help in completing an entire production line. On the website, every client can get acquainted with the variety of systems and devices they offer and find the most suitable option.

Filling machines

Atex filling machines are devices prepared upon a special request of a customer – they need to meet all the requirements, because their purpose is to be used with dangerous substances. Therefore, they need to be certified – they have to be absolutely hermetic and compiled of materials that do not have the chance of reacting with given chemicals. Moreover, Atex filling machines can only be used in designated areas, that have been previously tightly secured and prepared to house a variety of toxic and flammable substances.

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