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Printmasta offers competitive prices and quick order completion on production of various optical discs. They can also take care of cassette tape duplication, a mostly outdated format, which still has many fans throughout the world. Products created by this manufacturer are made with great care to ensure the data supplied by the client is properly stored on them. The company is located in Poland, but clients from all over Europe are using their services, appreciating the quality of the commissions and their quick delivery.

Cassette tape duplication

Cassette tape duplication is a service directed mostly at artists and creators who want to distribute their art on this analogue audio format. This vintage solution is especially popular amongst independent musicians who are inspired by older generations of data storing options. The company can duplicate cassette tapes with a standard length of 60 minutes or expand their capacity. Each client will be additionally asked to customise his order by choosing one of the available tape shells colours and the image printed on the sides of them.

Complete offer: Cassette tape duplication

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