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Topschaum is a team of specialists of solid foam that is used for filling seats and making them more comfortable. Their offer is very flexible, as you can order a product of a chosen size and shape - it can have the form of an equilateral triangle, a rectangle, a trapezoid, a circle, an ellipse and not only. The foam offered by Topschaum is used in various seats, for example in exercising equipment, vehicles, aeroplanes, yachts or various pieces of furniture. To count the price of a particular piece, you can use the company's online calculator.

Diverse kinds of foam

It is understandable that customers may have diverse needs. Therefore, Topschaum offers foam with various qualities, so that everyone could find the variant that suits them best. Viscoschaum is one of the suggestions - it excellently enfolds the body and fits its shape, what makes you more relaxed than ever. Apart from that, you can also purchase composite foam, which proves very useful for soundproofing, hence it is often mounted on walls and ceilings. More details on the offer of Topshaum are posted on their website.

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