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Cocochoco Professional is a supplier from the United Kingdom, specialising in various hair products. This brand has been working on substances especially intended for curly and fuzzy hair. They sell various shampoos, conditioners and masks, which work well with many types of hair. However, the very characteristic Brazilian keratin treatment, is mainly destined to use in professional hair salons on problematic hair. The products offered by the company will help in nourishing it and make it look fresh and healthy.

Professional Brazilian keratin treatment

The products used in Brazilian keratin treatment are based on keratin extracted from a cacao tree, which is why they have such nourishing qualities. Moreover, the characteristic plant is also responsible for mildly chocolate smell. Besides keratin, the formula includes also vitamins, silicon, collagen and polymers - all of which work together to give the hair a healthy look and protect it from the flat iron used during the procedure. The company offers a couple of products, which can be used in Brazilian keratin treatment, so every customer will be able to choose their favourite.

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