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KC Cabins Solutions Ltd - Newpark Business Park | ST5 7HT Newcastle under Lyme | phone number: +44 07443 564 451

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KC Cabins Solutions Ltd designs and creates buildings from prefabricated parts. These portable cabins are carefully insulated and their elevation is solid to allow them to function normally in any weather conditions. The company consults each project of theirs with their clients, to ensure the design is meeting their expectations and is able to perform the way it should. The installation of the elements can happen in a factory or on site, depending on the size of the modular building and its complexity.

Portable cabin designer and producer

All the portable cabins created by the company are made from sandwich panels, which are responsible for their insulation and protecting them from precipitation or wind. They can serve as office buildings, restaurants, customer service points and more. Each client has to inform the company what kind of business they are going to run there to make sure it is suited for that kind of activity. The biggest advantage of a portable cabin is its mobility - the building is not permanently attached to the land and can be moved or enlarged if there is a necessity.

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