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An exhaust system is an incredibly important part of each car, with a huge influence on the way its engine works. This is why it is so crucial to make sure it is made of high quality components. An online shop, Mister Echappement, knows that perfectly, which is why it included only products made by reliable manufacturers in his offer. A client can order a solid silencer, which will reduce the noise the vehicle is making. Another part is catalytic converter with its redox reactions, responsible for the exclusion of toxic substances from the exhaust gasses.

FAP BMW 320D and other components

Each car has to fulfil the strict restrictions concerning the produced amount of pollution imposed by the European Union. This is why the vehicles have to be equipped with a DPF or a GPF - diesel or gasoline particulate filter. This part makes sure the most toxic and dangerous substances are stopped within its body and later burnt. Mister Echappement offers a wide variety of such devices, to ensure each car owner is able to find the needed component. Some of the available elements include FAP BMW 320D, Renault Trafic or Seat Ibiza 1.6TDi.

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