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Kampol. PPHU - WieluĊ„ska 12A | 97-438 Rusiec | phone number: +49 436 766 132

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Kampol PPHU manufactures and sells grains, seeds and animal feed in a number of European countries. The company is praised for its attention to detail and premium materials, supplied by reliable farmers. The mixes they prepare will suit many different types of birds - pigeons, peacocks, canaries, parrots and rodents - hamsters, rats and rabbits. Depending on each customer's individual needs, the company can supply hulled buckwheat, split peas, sunflower seeds, various types of rice, pumpkinseed and many others.

Premium pigeon feed

The company is responsible for cleaning and grading various seeds and grains to create premium quality pigeon feed. Depending on the breed, part of the year or the needs of the flock, the customers are able to choose one of the prepared types of food. Different seeds are included for pigeons flying long-distance, those responsible for reproduction or tiny squabs. Learning more about the company's production process and suppliers, will surely convince any customer to buy their carefully mixed pigeon feed.

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