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The wide assortment of items prepared by Madam Mazu is surely going to suit the needs and preferences of each person who appreciates natural materials used by the humanity for hundreds, maybe thousands of years. Slippers or rugs made of sheepskin have been used by ancient tribes, because of their exceptional thermal qualities. They keep the owner warm, which is why so many people use them during winter even today. The material can be used both for clothing articles and interior accessories for modern houses. The customers can find more inspiration on the company's website.

Comfortable sheepskin slippers

Each sheepskin slipper prepared by the company has been made from a high-quality material, which is why it is praised for its durability and an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Soft and warm sheep wool is a perfect solutions suffering from cold feet during the winter. The majority of shoes in Madam Mazu’s collection is not suited for the outdoors, but serve as comfortable and fluffy slippers. All the available models and colours can be browsed through and later bought and ordered on the company’s website.

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