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Are you looking for unique and beautiful windows? Do you want to introduce an atypical architectural element into your house? Definitely take a closer look at Rota's offer. This manufacturer of round, triangular and oval windows, as well as products in many other shapes, will surprise you with their fantastic designs and implemented technology. The certified products are made in the European Union and are equipped with a 5 year warranty, which is why they are extremely popular among clients in many countries.

Beautiful oval windows

Oval windows, manufactured by Rota, are going to be a gorgeous addition to your house. You can choose their colour and size, to make sure they fit your vision nicely, but you can also pick the type of material they are made of. PVC ones are going to be available even in the craziest colours, while the ones with the wooden finish are going to present more natural shades. You can also select the opening mechanism, therefore you will be able to enjoy the tilted oval windows, pivoted, turned and even those which are permanently fixed.

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